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National Geographic Channel – Naked Science – What’s Sexy?

Naked Science(Whats Sexy)2-13-06.divx



Divx copy of the TV show, with commercials edited out.Quote:What’s SexyHuman sexual attraction is bewildering, exasperating, euphoric and potentially dangerous. It is, like romantic love, an indefinable essence. The beating pulse, the clammy palms, and the flood of chemicals to our brain—are all part of the mysterious alchemy of attraction. Tonight, Naked Science, explores the mysteries of human sexuality.Naked Science: What’s Sexy?” at 9 on Insight 189 puts love under the microscope, not to mention a CAT scan, to find out what makes our hearts go all atwitter over someone.This objective appraisal claims we are a lot less in control of who we “fall” in love with than we may think. Or to put it another way, we know very little about ourselves and especially our biological chemistry. Brain power, as it turns out, is the key, and the brain is the most important sex organ in the body. The scans let us watch chemical reactions in the brain to people’s partners. Some of the readings suggest what women already suspect — that men are blinded by what they see.What they’re looking for is a 27-inch waist over 36-inch hips as the ideal partner. Why is that particular measurement so appealing? Because women in that category are more likely to have successful pregnancies and bear healthier babies. The scientists say that’s what the love game is really all about whether we know it or not.


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