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Nathaniel Branden – The Psychology Of Self-Esteem (PDF)

Nathaniel Branden – The Psychology Of Self-Esteem.pdf


This is the ebook version of Nathaniel Branden’s “The Psychology Of Self-Esteem”. ———————————-Book Description (Amazon):This new edition of the original text reveals how Nathaniel Branden’s landmark book broke the rules of conventional behavioral theory and promulgated his revolutionary ideas on the critical role that self-esteem plays in living a healthy, fulfilling life. The book offers an in-depth exploration of the need for self-esteem, the nature of that need, the conditions of fulfillment, and how self-esteem (or lack of it) affects our values, responses, and goals. Branden also debunks the misguided notion that self-esteem is a “feel-good phenomenon” and shows instead how self-esteem, rationality, perseverance, self-responsibility, and personal integrity are all intimately related. ———————–The audio version is already upped here::…


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