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Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich Audiobook 8 CDs

Hill – Think & Grow Rich
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Think & Grow Rich (8-CD’s) – Unabridged:It took 25 Years of Research, 1000’s of hours of experimenting, over 504 Interviews of the most successful people on the planet… but finally The Greatest Secret to Success has been revealed through “THINK AND GROW RICH”, so now you can…”Learn the Secret Strategy that can make YOU Rich beyond your wildest dreams, fulfill all your desires and fantasies and help You Live a Life full of Success, Love and Happiness”Think and Grow Rich has enriched the lives of countless people on their extraordinary journeys to success and personal fulfillment. This is a book that will stimulate your brain to create and attract success to you. A success guide has never been written before with such clarity and preciousness. Just read the book and follow the 13 step philosophy and you soon will discover the secret of Think and Grow Rich.With this Audio Book  you will learn how to:• Always achieve your goals and ambitions using Napoleon Hill’s 13 step Powerful Proven strategy!• Develop a meaningful purpose in life that you’re genuinely excited about!• Develop laser sharp focus and attention!• Create and harness extra energy you didn’t know you had!• Land your dream job!• Gain confidence in everything you do at work or home!• Access Infinite Intelligence to help you make better decisions!• Eliminate any Fear that may be holding you back!• Achieve your goals faster by developing relationships with like minded people!• And much more…Imagine having the secret to success in your hands. The secret that you can utilize to achieve any dream, wish or goal that you desire. Imagine being able to create the life of your dreams. Well, this is exactly what Napoleon Hill offers you in his groundbreaking book Think and Grow Rich. This book has been a best seller for over 60 years since it was first written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill himself. His idea for Think and Grow Rich was to create a simple, practical step-by-step guide that any person could follow to achieve success and monetary goals.Now you too can become the person you really want to become, and it’s as simple as following 13 steps to success from think and grow rich. Napoleon Hill has used all his skills in putting across what I call the greatest secret to all mankind.Think and Grow Rich is a book you have to study by reading it 5, 6, maybe 10 times until you find the secret that’s within the pages. What secret you say? Well, the incredible thing about think and grow rich is that once you master the steps on desire, faith, persistence, auto-suggestion, decision, organized planning, the subconscious mind and so on an amazing secret will be revealed to you.Think and Grow Rich is based on a 25 year study headed and masterminded by Napoleon Hill, which involved interviewing the top 500 business men, politicians, industrialists of the 2oth century, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and Rockefeller himself.Today, Think and Grow Rich stands as one of THE Best books of all time in inspiring individuals from poverty to monetary success. The book serves as a cornerstone to the motivational era, and every successful person’s library has at least one copy of think and grow rich on its shelves. The Napoleon Hill foundation continues to do the good work of Napoleon Hill in spreading the word and the 13 principles of success. THINK AND GROW RICH is the best publication to read when it comes to mastering monetary success and achievement.


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