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MASTERCLASS – light her fire – forbidden secrets of sexual mastery

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As much as the “forbidden secrets of sexual mastery” sounds cheesy – i seriously recommend this is volume one, but i dont think the others were ever fact i was following stuff on my girlfriend a while back, and after we broke up she told me the guys she slept with were crap in bed comparing to me and that she wants me back again even though i treat her poorly. in fact she stayed with me even after i ingnored her for a long time.  and she was actually paying for me in bars too just to get me drunk so i would sleep with her that night too now that i remember it. she also loved to report to me everytime someone hit on her, so i knew she can leave too.enjoy. with this and the “Ultimate female extacy” product you are on your way to be sex god.    (i never really tried the squirting stuff, so i cannot comment on steve p and stephane stuff there)Reseed – Previous Seed: !


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