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Mark J. Ryan – Breaking the seduction code, Audiobook.

Mark J. Ryan



“FINALLY !!! It is here. The AUDIO version of the “Breaking the Seduction Code” 10.5 hours of the author ( Mark J. Ryan ) reading the bestselling book. Mark also has added much more audio for clarification and expansion of the concepts in the book. He has also added alot of NEW material exclusively for Audiobook listeners. And as a big bonus I have included some new and VERY>>VERY powerful new techniques. Get this incredible value now !!! 10.5 hours of clear IMMEDIATELY Downloadable MP3’s…”Good product and it was pretty cheap, I suggest that if you find it useful that you may have an overwhelming urge to buy a copy… Seriously I don’t mind sharing products that con artists like a certain well known authors produce and charge ridiculous prices for but $50 for 10.5 hours of information aint that bad.  Anywho, see what you think and enjoy.


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