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Luke Jermay – Tarot Psychometry

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Brought to you by the participants of:Mike Mandel – Handwriting Analysis GB IS CLOSED From the mind of Luke Jermay, Tarot Psychometry is a brand-new stand-up piece that is compact enough to fit in your pocket, yet captivating enough to reel in audiences of hundreds.Five spectators are invited up on stage, and each finds a tarot card that they personally connect with. The performer then takes the audience on a journey, revealing personal information and delivering captivating readings of the participants along the way. This journey culminates in the performer revealing which spectator selected which card, leading to thunderous applause and an act that the audience will never forget.With Tarot Psychometry, there’s no need to worry about scripting, as Luke has provided a polished, professional script in the book that you will receive. This script, containing a healthy dose of Jermay’s performance philosophy and psychology knowledge, makes Tarot Psychometry a cohesive act; there’s a clear beginning, middle, and end, all of which are extremely well-thought-out and powerful.There’s no instant stooging, preshow work, or complex mechanics – this is a piece truly designed for the working performer, and it packs a huge punch.When you purchase Tarot Psychometry, you will receive a 7,532-word book that details each and every aspect of the routine that you (and your audiences) will love. This book also contains some never-before-published concepts such as ‘The Dunninger Jermay Ploy,’ ‘Asymmetrical Shuffle Theory’ and more. These concepts extend far past the Tarot Psychometry routine, as they can be used to improve preexisting acts and pieces as well.As if this wasn’t enough, also included is a 40 minute instructional audio, which is just another way Jermay and his team ensure that you get the maximum magical impact out of Tarot Psychometry.VIP Access: 2020-03-06PU Access: 2020-04-06USER Access: NEVER


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