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Liz Larsen – 30Second Seduction

30Second Seduction
[14 MP3s + 2 PDF eBooks]



I actually bought this. This is a elib Exclusive, so don’t share it anywhere else.Quote:I’m Liz Larsen. As a relationship consultant and dating author, I’ve helped many guys just like you become successful with girls. Now you can get the advantage of all my secret insider tips and tricks in one massive seduction system: 30Second Seduction! Success with girls is a skill.If you’re one of those guys that think “I just want to be myself, and If the girls don’t like it, that its their problem.” I want you to reconsider. You don’t have to change who you are, but incorporating a few simple concepts will mean the difference between being a babe magnet and a dateless wonder!Think about this for a moment: did you learn to drive a car or do math by just “being yourself?” You had to learn how to do these things. And… you had to learn from someone who knew what they were talking about!


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