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Learningstrategies – Million Dollar Vocabulary

Million Dollar Vocabulary
[CD Rips]


Study after study shows that people with a better vocabulary earn more respect and more money. But building vocabulary has been a tedious task, until now…Introducing, Million Dollar Vocabulary to unequivocally sharpen your verbal edge for success. Featuring new Paraliminal learning sessions that imprints words and their meanings directly into your brain. A vocabulary builder for the new century.Dear Achiever,It might be easy for you to see how a strong vocabulary can help further your career. After all, the majority of wealthy and accomplished people have one common trait: they express themselves clearly and precisely.They know exactly which words to use, and they know the meanings of words they hear and read. They excel at communicating—whether in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s.Verbally-strong people are perceived as having superior intelligence, higher education, and gifted capabilities, even when it’s not true. The average person simply does not get the advantages that verbally-polished people enjoy, such as:    * the benefit of the doubt,    * a second chance,    * an honest look, and    * the most money. No wonder they are successful! Extra advantages make a difference. That’s true whether you want to make a point at work, get a better room at the hotel, receive better service in a restaurant, elicit action from your landlord—anything that requires interaction with another person.And, that’s what you get with your Million Dollar Vocabulary course: the guidance to build and use a powerful vocabulary. …in an effective, playful manner that is far from intimidating or boring.


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