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Lanny Bassham – Mental Management – part 1 of 4

1.Mastering the Mental Game.avi
[1 avi DVD – rip]


First of all MASSIVE THANKS to the following members who made this group buy possible.masYmas 10icemaniceman 2Slane 5Ullc 10Wombraider 10iNtPsanity 12pimpdaddy 5subieMY05 11pbrodrick01 5dogphish 6Lemonhead 10drnannlp 41ChanceIt 6snowy 10tremor 5aRRR 5RockLee 5GrIzLyX 5AND a special thanks to YOU KNOW WHO for getting it clean for us all.Mental Management Video SeminarThis 4 DVD video series is an advanced class in Mental Management presented by Lanny Bassham. You will feel like you are in a live seminar as Lanny takes you through these topics.V1 Winning the Mental Game – Learn why 90% of all winning is accomplished by 5% of the performers. Understand the three mental processes that control a winning performance. Master the secrets used by Olympic Champions to win the mental game in business and sport. 60 min.V2 Performing Under Pressure – When you are under pressure to perform well are YOU in control? Learn why most of our beliefs about pressure are myths. Become skilled at pressure control strategies used by Olympic Champions. Master Mental Rehearsal, Running a Mental Program and Performance Analysis to gain an edge in business and sport. 67 min.V3 GoalGetting – Setting Goals is not enough. Getting them requires mental discipline. Learn why Goal Getting is the most important skill you will ever need. Learn why most of our beliefs about goal setting are ineffective. Become skilled at the same GoalGetting system used by Olympic Champions. Master the 10 Rules of Attainment and the Becoming Process. 66 min.V4 Mastering Self Image – Change your Self Image and you change your future. Learn why your Self Image and your performance are always equal. Learn how to change any attitude or habit in just 21 days. Master Self Image imprinting and reinforcement techniques. 62 minplease note – This is only the first DVD of the 4 DVD set.If any of the other donors want to improve their ratio by uploading the rest of the stuff ,it will be great.If no one uploads the whole set ,I will do it !!


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