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Khru Yodhong Senanan-Learn Thai Box on Your Own

Khru Yodthong Senanan – Learn to Thai Box on Your Own
[1 DVD – Rip]


This is only the second DVD from the “THE ART OF MUAYTHAI – THE HERITAGE OF THAILAND AND THE WORLD” and it contains:DISC 2 “HOW TO LEARN THE ART OF THAI BOXING ON YOUR OWN” [120 minutes]     Boxing Bout and popularity in the modern world Preparation of physical fitness Thai Boxing equipment’s The Wai Kruu or Teacher-res[ect ceremony How to learn the art of thai boxing on your own by Kruu Yodthong Senanan Using The fists Using the elbows Using the knees Using the feet Complimentary techniques Muaythai the ultimate in self-defense Contemporary camps of Thai Boxing in Thailand Rules and regulations of Thai Boxing contestThe guy who made this ,MUAYTHAI TEACHER OF THE CENTURY KRUU YODTHONG SENANAN [KRUU TUI] BOXING TEACHER-HEAD OF SITYODTHONG-PAYAKARUN BOXING CAMP, is the greatest and the most well-known teacher of Thai boxing inside the country and all around the world. The one who has turned out nearly 20 Muaythai champions. These included Doatong Sitryodthong, Wangkeo Sitryodthong, and the most famous Samart Payakarun, the latter a 4 times champion and junior featherweight champion of the World Boxing Council.For more information check this link:


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