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Kevin Davis – Getting into Your Customer’s Head

Kevin Davis – Getting Into Your Customer’s Head
[4CDs – MP3]


CD Audio ProgramGetting Into Your Customer’s Head: The Eight Roles of Customer-Focused Selling,includes four CDs (running time: approx. 3 hours: 51 minutes), 16-page ApplicationBooklet and full-color reference card.CD Audio Program, Table of Contents:Session 1. Getting Into Your Customer’s Head: The Eight Roles of Customer-Focused Selling Why you must get closer to your customers. How to think like your customer using the buy-learning process. Customer dissatisfaction and how to avoid it. The single biggest mistake salespeople make. How to get customers to buy faster. Sales roles that match buying behavior. How to advance the buying process.Session 2. Sales Role #1: The Student studies the 3C’s (customer, competition,change) and approaches high probability prospects. Five keys to getting appointments with senior decision-makers. Nine questions to ask yourself when studying your prospect.Sales Role #2: The Doctor diagnoses discontent and uncovers important needs. How to eliminate price objections. Diagnostic questions that intensify buying desire.Session 3. Sales Role #3: The Architect designs customer-focused solutions that set the ground rules in your favor. Identifying customers’ “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”. Three steps to influencing specifications. Using creativity to gain competitive advantage. Eight questions to ask yourself during the Research step.Session 4.Sales Role #4: The Coach applies competitive sales strategies and presents a compelling solution. Four reasons why we lose sales. 7 keys to scouting your opponents. Positioning yourself to win. Repackaging weaknesses into strengths.Session 5.Powerful Sales Presentations & Proposals . 10 keys to effective sales presentations. The biggest mistake with most sales proposals and how to prevent it.Sales Role #5: The Therapist understands and resolves the buyer’s fears. The seven causes of buyer fear and how to resolve them.Session 6.Winning the Complex Sale: the politics of selling to multiple decision-makers. Why selling is becoming more complex. Why you need multiple sources of information.Identifying the players on the complex buying team. Developing your complex sales strategy.Session 7. Sales Role #6: The Negotiator prepares and applies win/win strategies to reach an agreement. Seven common customer negotiating tactics. Eight sources of negotiating power and how to get more. Ten keys to successful sales negotiations. 11 questions to ask yourself before every sales negotiation.Session 8. Sales Role #7: The Teacher sets customer expectations and teaches the customer to achieve maximum value. What customers expect from you immediately after they buy. The three biggest challenges you face with new customers and how to overcome them. Sales Role #8: The Farmer nourishes customer satisfaction in order to nourishes customer satisfaction in order to grow the account. The #1 killer of customer satisfaction. Eight keys to cultivating satisfaction and growing your accounts. How to get the most value out of this program. Two characteristics possessed by all peak performing salespeople.”This program gives you the essentials to selling in tough, competitive, markets.Kevin Davis shares with you the practical, proven approaches of a top salesprofessional. Get it, listen to it, apply it every day.””Simply perfect. Kevin Davis’s unique methodology and process for understandingthe customer will show salespeople how to differentiate themselves from thecompetition. By applying this approach, everyone involved – customers, suppliers,and salespeople – will get what they want in terms of value, quality and benefits.”Thomas SmithExecutive Vice President, Director of Professional Education, CB Commercial RealEstate Group, Inc. Author, Winning in Commercial Real Estate Sales


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