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“This five CD program shows you how to use proven sales techniques to # close girls effectively, as well as ways to get them to return your phone calls and actually meet you for a date.Since I am in sales and marketing, I was very interested in seeing what Ken had to offer… and I was not disappointed!Each step of the pickup process is divided into a separate CD, with one dedicated to breaking the ice, and others for the initial conversation, asking for the number, overcoming objections, talking on the phone, getting girls to return phone calls, and more.Plus, the program even comes with a video where Ken and others members of his organization go out into the field with a hidden camera, initiate conversations with women, and number close. You’ll see how they overcome objections and get the numbers.And the best part about this program, is that it is very easy to use the strategies taught, with a minimal learning curve. ****/5 ” – NOT INCLUDED. If you have it and this package, upload it and I’ll delete this one.


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