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Kenton Knepper – The Ring

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We are excited to finally announce this release. Not for the beginner, timid or mildly curious. The rest of you will love it! Here is what one of our first customers has to say: The Ring also arrived on Friday, and here is my carefully worded review of the effect:”Oh My God!”That’s a direct quote from myself as I examined this effect for the very first time, step by step as the instructions suggest. I never got past page 3! I was blown away by the ring getting warm in my hand, by the sensation of movement on my finger, the constriction and everything else. This is a true mind altering experience.I figure,if I can do this to myself on the first reading of the instructions,the general public will see me as super human. I was amazed by Wonder Wizards before – I have been bowled over by Kenton’s writing in the past – and I am forever transformed by Wonder Words; yet this effect surpasses them all. You really must change the description at the site to warn people about the incredible power of The Ring.I got an effect which, when I first selected the ring, I nearly dropped it when it became liquid gold in my fingers! This was so powerful, I kind of got creeped out by it. No matter what else, I thought, this is a really cool ring! Then I got through the first 3 pages, and realized that indeed I can perform this miracle. Wow! For the first time ever, in my heart I feel true magic with this effect. Thank you for that transcendent time, and let me close by giving a revised review of The Ring:”Oh My God!”A person from Kenton’s show seeing The Ring performed for the first time said: “That is ALL suggestion? Man, you gotta have a lot of guts to do THAT… Very impressive!”The truth is, it is NOT difficult, does NOT “take guts” and is NOT “all suggestion” in actual fact. But it sure does look that way! Ask those who have seen it. Here is the effect: Two metal finger rings are displayed. A spectator chooses one of the two, and a short reading may then be given. But The Ring is possessed, or so it seems. Is The Ring truly possessed or is it a tool the performer uses to induce an instant trance complete with hallucinations? The spectator does indeed see the ring move on her finger and apparently come to life. The ring seems to breathe, move, wiggle in the hand, constrict around the spectator’s finger and much more. Imagine a ring which has the power to possess human beings. Imagine a time in which you can seemingly control others in a Svengali like manner. Imagine a power sealed into a ring which can cause imagination, intuition, and help, as well as harm. Imagine an audience witnessing all of this without stooges or set-up. Imagine Kentonism at its highest level. Imagine these events transpire without any gimmicks or gaffs other than the rings and Kenton’s work. Yes, the spectator is surprised as well, and truly sees the ring move. No threads, magnets, etc. Imagine all of that, because that is what you’ll get with… THE RING. THE RING is complete with two peculiar metal finger rings, one plated in 24k Gold and the other plated in Silver. These are what have now become known as “optical illusion rings”. We want to be very clear. The rings while great, are not what we are selling. You do get two of these optical rings with this effect. But it is what Kenton does with linguistics and psychology which we are finally releasing for sale here. Naturally, the real work is in the 17 pages of detailed instructions, and not merely the rings. This is Kenton’s masterwork on optical illusion rings as performed by many pros. Just as you would expect from the mind of Kenton – a simple trick becomes a major event with proper words and psychology. Not a trick for the non-performer. THE RING isn’t so much about the optical rings really, as it is Kenton’s ingenious workings. If you like Wonder Words, Kentonism or any of Kenton’s work, we know you will truly enjoy all the secret happenings in this exciting release.…


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