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Kenton Knepper – Sorcerer Series 2

Kenton Knepper – Sorcerer Series 2.pdf


In this installment you will find many principles Kenton could have sold on their own – but you get them all, at a fraction of the price!Kontrol KardImagine a playing card that can become a double face, double back, long, wide, thick, spittle, chameleon, mutliple card control card due an amazing secret substance. This card allows for automatic double and triple lifts, and much more. This has fooled the wise card guys, and audiences too. Now you don’t have to buy Kenton’s cards – you can make them your self easily! Learn the secret substance for the first time in this installment. No roughing fluid or rubber cement. These special cards have made Kenton appear to be one of the top card control performers, when in fact the cards did all the work.Kling StringStop Kenton on the street and he’ll have this with him! Imagine a showing a piece of thread that is three inches long which then becomes three FEET long – with no sleeves, no steals, no nada – just the special string! This is the secret string used by some pros for the Gypsy Thread and many other classic effects. The string does most of the work without wax, sticky fingers, etc. Learn how to get yours CHEAP.No SaltWalk into a restaurant and pick up a salt or cheese shaker. With no other props or preparation, make the salt or cheese disappear. It may even come back! Nothing extra, no lapping, no mess, no hassle. Amazingly easy.Kenton’s PostcardsSpectators think of a number and a postcard. They tell no one. The performer explains that he “can’t read minds ALL of the time, but if he could…” and then proceeds to tell what is in each spectator’s mind. Not only that, he has predicted it too. A minimum of THREE kickers to this effect – Not bad for a mentalism effect, or any trick not created by Derek Dingle.Newell and Kenton’s Mental Any Card at Any Number. This has had people in Hollywood buzzing for years. For the first time ever, the secret and full routine is revealed. A deck of cards is shuffled by the performer and handed to a spectator for sake keeping. A second deck is given to a second spectator who shuffles this deck too. She is told to freely think of any card and any number from the face up cards. She sees the cards are all different and admits that her choices are entirely free and unprepared. Now the miracle. The first spectator deals in his deck to the number called out by the second spectator. The card at that number is turned over. It IS the second spectator’s card! No one on stage knows how this happened. No “stooges”. The deck can be taken home as a gift after dealing to the climax. It is not a trick deck. This effect alone is worth far more than the price of this manuscript.Many items could have been sold for $20 or more, but Kenton tips it all here. Of course there is more too, such as Kenton’s Duplicity Holdout, and close-up knife in finger. As usual, amazing principles, new methods, as well as enchanting presentations.


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