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Kenton Knepper – Killer Konceptions

Kenton Knepper – Killer Konceptions.pdf


PLEASE NOTE: “Killer Konceptions” does NOT replace the Original Kolossal Killer. You’ll need the Original Kolossal Killer first to read and comprehend Killer Konceptions. “Oh my God… I can’t believe it! What a monster of an idea…” “How on earth did you ever manage to top yourself and Killer? Fantastic!” “Any number of these routines alone is worth the price you are asking. Are you trying to make Magicians seem REAL again? You’re doing one heck of a job!” Just when you thought it was safe to put away your wallet… Fans of “The Original Kolossal Killer” – look out! Kenton has finally released the ULTIMATE versions of his “Kolossal Killer”. This new manuscript takes the popular ” Kolossal Killer” effect to fresh and unbelievable heights. With contributions by Docc Hilford, Allen Zingg, the late Doug Henning, Kenton and MORE, Kenton’s new “Killer Konceptions” will leave you awe-struck. How could anyone improve on the Original Kolossal Killer manuscript? How do you top what many performers already consider “The Ultimate”? It does seem impossible, but now picture this: You literally “force” a card on a spectator without cards or other props – you truly “force” their card mentally. That isn’t the effect description. That’s the real METHOD! In fact, there’s a couple of methods in this manuscript. Amazing work… The spectator thinks of a card, and you produce a card from your POCKET to prove that you knew the spectator’s exact thought all along. The pocket is then shown EMPTY and free of all but this one card! How’s that for all you “Kolossal” fans? The spectator thinks of a card and then finds it predicted in your business card case. Again this is the ONLY card in the case, which they remove themselves (NO palming)! The spectator thinks of a card. This time you miss. The spectator’s card is a smaller numbered card than the one you name, she says. You remove a miniature card from your wallet as THEIR “smaller card”! Then you hand them the wallet to completely examine. You apparently read BOTH the spectator’s personality and their thought of card. This is truly ingenious and different from what you might expect. Pure Kenton brilliance – the WHOLE story. Plus new effects and methods, new ideas, new subtleties, a Killer Bonus effect and much more… This is NOT the “same old thing”. In fact, some of these routines are being used by others to prove that what they do is “REAL”. This is THE most powerful stuff with “Killer” ever… These are truly “Killer Konceptions.” In this manuscript Kenton finally unleashes the legendary “Killer Killer” version that Kenton and Docc Hilford have kept rather quiet about for many years. As one of the bonus routines, you will get the version Doug Henning was doing months before he sadly passed away. This is the BEST of the BEST. We repeat this is intense material and not at all what you may have read as “improvements” by others. This is the REAL stuff! NOTE: “Killer Konceptions” does NOT “replace” the Original Kolossal Killer. You’ll need the Original Kolossal Killer first to read and comprehend this latest work. Of course you probably already have the Original now, don’t you? If not… this would be the perfect time!


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