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Kay Parker – The Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency

Tantric Guide
[2 DVDs – Rips]



Warning: This product is purely for educational and reacreational purposes. It is not porn.A different approach to intimacy and explicit love-making is what I and four couples on this DVD seek to inspire. Let us lead you through the Tantric sexual positions and warm-up techniques. The intension is to demonstrate how to prolong the sexual experience and reach greater heights of satisfaction than you ever imagined. This certainly is my wish for you.–Kay ParkerIncrease your sexual stamina and pleasure! Tantric sex is an ancient discipline that shows you how to reach sexual ecstasy by resisting the urge to climax. The result––prolonging your sensations to a state of sexual bliss! Such joy can in improve both physical and mental health. See gorgeous couples demonstrate how in explicit detail! An intelligent and arousing video––perfect for couples who want to achieve new heights of sexual intimacy.


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