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John La Tourrette – Advance Mind Control Training – 2003[1]
[15 DVDs – Rip]


Description this is what you think it is, control your mind and the minds of others. Plenty you can think of to do with Seduction just remember to leave the person in a better place than you found them. Can’t describe it because this set is not even sold anymore. All I can say is the John’s stuff actually works if you DO THE DRILLS, instead of watching or listening passively to him. Thank you to the person who originally ripped this set, it’s invaluable like alot of LaTourrette’s stuff is.P.S. Related to Seduction he seems to have a new video set:Friendly Energies”How To Turn Them On….For Seduction, Wealth &  Money!”Seems everyone is doing the seduction thing these days but you can be sure John’s stuff will work!


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