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John Eliot – Maverick Mindset

John Eliot – Maverick Mindset [ 7 CDs – MP3 ]
[ 7 CDs – MP3 ]


Silliwolf was looking for some inspiration today. I think that this CD set is great for people who are trying to get into the MM game, but seem to be stuck at home. It suggests compendence over confidence, you don’t set agendas, you build purpose, embracing stress and pressure, etc. This isn’t a CD about set made by some looner in a bath tub, its made by a Psychology Prof. at Rice University (ivy league) in america.From the Site —>’ll discover how to:    * Turn stress and pressure into a personal advantage. Radically change how much you get done while actually needing less time during the work day – a shift in thinking you can make immediately.    * Focus like Ted Williams or Tiger Woods. Distinguish the important from the unimportant in any given situation so you can concentrate only on information that will bring you the greatest return on investment.    * Think like a squirrel …    * Be the Socrates of your business. Pull yourself out of a slump or lapses in confidence; never have them again with a succinct and extremely potent seven-word philosophy.    * Reframe your self-image in a way that will completely transform you.


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