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Jiu Jitsu For The Streets 1+2

[2 DVD – Rips]


New 2005 instructionalProduct Description: Learn self defense tactics for real life situations and gain confidence in diffusing potentially dangerous situations. This 2 DVD set, instructed by renowned Jiu-Jitsu expert, presents effective moves in ending a dangerous situations fast. Gene Simco teaches his divesting style with easy fallow steps. It’s easy , fun and most important – effective!SIMPLE TO LEARN:ThrowsHand LocksLeg LocksFinishing MovesEscape MethodsTaking FallsThis Powerful 2 DVD Instructional Set contains footage from Gene Simco´s Award Winning No Rules Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD series. This set makes it easy to learn solutions to common Groundfighting situations with hard surfaces and no rules situations in mindEverything is included: escapes from common holds, fighting from your back, chokes submissions and how to defeat the guard.great quality, there is a sample for dvd 1. very good stuff, not this russian fantasy martial arts kind of material but real applicable solutions. seminar is held in street clothes on hard surface


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