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Jay Sankey – Sankeytized Vol. 1 & 2 (His Best Work)

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The following is an early Sankey instructional set which has countless great ideas and routines.  Everything here is cream of the crop Sankey and not the half baked ideas found on most Sankey videos today.  Download these videos and you will not be disapointed.==================================================Jay Sankey: Sankeytized Vol 1Jay Sankey has created some of the world’s most inventive close-up magic. This DVD features many routines using ordinary objects like cards, coins, keys, rings, spoons and more. He employs simple methods to render his effects entertaining and magical. As an added bonus you get to see Sankey being Sankey as his warped sense of humor, that he developed as a stand-up comedian, shines throughout with some gags and fake routines.Routines and techniques performed and explained:* The Wichita Slip: A fancy and simple bottom deal used for forcing a card in the explained Pick These Cards routine.* Stirring Silver: A borrowed ring and spoon routine where the ring magically penetrates the stem of the spoon. Also taught are two spoon bending sequences. * Back In Time: A simple and direct in-the-hands impromptu triumph using the slop shuffle. * Top Card and Rubber Rise: Two powerful methods of ending an Ambitious Card routine. * Bound To Fool: An easy sandwich routine where a selected card appears between two previously rubber-banded cards.* Collect Me Not…Again: Three selected cards appear between four queens, the queens vanish and appear under the spectator’s hand. Also taught is the Revolution Count that displays three cards as seven showing three face up and four face down. * Leaving Home: A two-phase routine with a key that magically penetrates a loop of string. * Floater: An impromptu floating deck quickie. * The Hop Spread: An impressive-looking, flourishy, hand-to-hand spread of the deck between your hands. * Gianni Mattiolo Illogical Shuffle: A complicated and impressive looking in-the-hands cutting sequence that retains the order of the cards. * Flying Shuttle Pass: A coin technique that switches a coin as it is tossed from hand to hand. * Flying Shuttle: Four coins appear out of thin air using the Flying Shuttle Pass.Also taught are additional applications and the techniques used within the routines. Running time: Approximately 60 minutes.==================================================Jay Sankey: Sankeytized Vol 2Jay Sankey creates some of the world’s most inventive close-up magic and continues to please audiences by devising new magic plots with ordinary objects. This DVD features the three Jay Sankey routines that have garnered him his worldwide reputation. You will also learn some excellent coin magic and his thoughts on perfecting the classic pass.Routines and techniques performed and explained:* Tenkai Pinch: This much-overlooked coin technique is taught with variations and a magical production of two coins.* Tenkai Pennies: Sankey’s handling of the classic two Coins Across routine done with half-dollars. * One Coin Production: A very clean production of a single coin from thin air using the Tenkai Pinch.* Mexican Jumping Coins: An ingenious walk-around three Coins Across routine using only two coins and some new techniques.* Cartesian Coins: One of Sankey’s first routines has him splitting one coin into two and the two into four.* The Cardboard Contortionist: One of the best torn-and-restored card routines where two signed cards are torn into quarters and then all eight pieces are restored. Everything is examinable before and after in this impromptu routine.* “#*@!” (Paper-Clipped): A powerful card routine you will add to your repertoire. A folded card surrounded by a paperclip is placed in full view. A card is selected and signed. It vanishes from the deck and turns up in the paperclip, which has been sitting in full view throughout the routine.* Airtight: The routine David Copperfield featured on his TV special where an entire deck of cards penetrates through a balloon. Upon the inflation of the balloon the signed selection penetrates right through the center of the balloon leaving the rest of the cards inside. Everything can be given out at the end.* Jay’s Thoughts on the Pass: Many tips, ideas and psychological points to doing the Classic Pass cleanly, softly and deceptively.Also taught are additional applications and the techniques used within the routines. Running time: Approximately 60 minutes.


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