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Giuseppe Notte – All About Women & 3 Bonus Books

Giuseppe Notte – All About Women & 3 Bonus Books [4 eBooks – PDF]
[4 eBooks – PDF]



EXCLUSIVEI’m declaring this a Exclusive, since I actually bought this. So don’t leak it anywhere else.This product includes 4 eBooks, purchased from in April 2006:All About Women, by Giuseppe Notte (main eBook)How To Spice Up Your Sex Life, by Giuseppe Notte (bonus eBook)The 5 Most Important Secrets for Attracting Women, by Giuseppe Notte (bonus eBook)The Secrets Of Having Successful Relationships, by Giuseppe Notte (bonus eBook)My review of the main eBook follows. The bonus eBooks are about 10 pages each and their subject matter is clear from the titles.All About Women (73 pages):  This self-proclaimed “Encyclopedia of Seduction” starts out with a description of dating from the point of view of a hottie who can choose from countless men, and the social conditioning she faces. It concludes that to stand out, it is necessary to be an alpha male, and the next chapter describes how to be alpha and how to handle your appearance. This is followed by sections where to meet girls and how to approach them and get a first date, what to do on the date to lead to making out, and how to transition from making out to sex. Throughout the book there are discussions on inner game and handling rejection.Pros:The book is written in a very straightforward manner, with little theory (sorry KJs). The author comes across like an advice columnist.The book advocates an extremely direct approach, if that’s your thingThe description of how girls view themselves and dating is insightfulThe list of signs that I girl is ready to get physical is comprehensive and easy to understandThe description of how to transition from making out to sex is very detailedThe book explains how to go on cheap dates with a list of suggested datesPacked with tips. Some of the funnier ones:          > Hot girls are self-validation junkies and are very flaky          > Flowers and presents are useless for seducing women          > Online dating should only be used “if you have a lot of free time”          > Girls prefer it when sex “just happens”          > “If you are leading well then you won’t leave her any time to think”          > You can learn a lot about being alpha by watching James Bond movies              > Before you go out, “wash your cock”…LOLCons:If you prefer indirect game (i.e. Mystery Method) like me, you might think the suggested openers are cheesy. For example: “I like you. You have a beautiful smile.” Also, you might be bothered by the lack of emphasis on social dynamics. Although I wouldn’t recommend this book as a complete dating system because “social dynamics” are only covered in passing, it is packed with enough advice that beginner to intermediate PUAs should benefit. It’s also an easy read. It received largely favorable reviews on mASF and Mystery’s Lounge:Mystery’s Lounge review: review:…


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