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Gerald Kein – Basic-Intermediate-Advanced training course

Basic-Intermediate-Advanced training course
[video+ Certification Examination + Manual]



Basic-Intermediate Curriculum    * The history of hypnosis    * Nature of hypnosis    * Semantics    * Structuring positive suggestions    * The Pre-induction interview    * Developing rapport    * Establishing client goals    * Determining suggestibility    * Suggestibility testing    * Dealing with resistance    * Role of the conscious mind    * Role of the subconscious mind    * Rules for successful transformation    * Classic induction techniques    * Unique instant, rapid and confusion-induction techniques    * Disguised induction methods    * Disguised hypnotic suggestion methods    * Trance management    * Trance deepening techniques    * Measuring responsiveness and trance depth    * Methods of obtaining deep trance…overtime!    * Waking hypnosis methods    * Direct suggestion techniques    * Conditioned response training    * How to teach clients self-hypnosis    * Achieving the hypnotic coma state    * Recognizing the hypnotic seal Advanced Curriculum    * Advanced induction techniques    * Advanced instant and rapid inductions    * Gerald Kein’s “Universal Therapy”    * Step by step regression techniques    * Past life regression with demonstration    * Gestalt Hypnotherapy    * Abreaction control and therapies    * Abreaction hypnotherapy    * Phobia removal    * Pain control techniques    * Chair therapy    * Death bed therapy    * Forgiveness therapy methods    * Trim Time Parts Therapy


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