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Gary Brodsky – How To Date Women Like A Prick

Gary Brodsky – How To Date Women Like A Prick [2 CDs – MP3]
[2 CDs – MP3]



Gary Brodsky – How To Date Women Like A Prick [2 CDs – MP3]A funny but intense version of the distinction between nice guys and real men (“pricks”). Dating game.From the “TOTAL Gary Brodsky Collection” compilation: Brodsky is a direct game oriented PUA. He even urges students to forget about learning specific techniques in favour of just having a very direct attitude. At least, that’s my impression. These rips are from a friend of mine (who wrote the short description above) and I have no experience with this material, so I’m afraid I can’t answer any questions. I was unable to find any reviews of these particular products, but I did find some reviews of his other products and while they don’t seem amazing they are still worth a download. Here are some links to those reviews:Review of “How to Pick Up Strippers” on the Mystery Method forumsReview of “How to Charm the Pants Off Any Woman” on AmazonReview of “The Foolproof Guide to Picking Up Women” on AmazonI will be uploading a total of 8 products by this author today and tomorrow.


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