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Ellen Sherrie – The Rules I & II

The Rules
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The Rules I and II happens when women decide to help women when the topic becomes men?Ever wondered where women get their “crazy” side from?… then have a listen to some of the crap that they listen to and get a new perspective on the female point of view of men.This series was developed to provide women a “basic training” in the in-and-outs of what to do with men on dates and other “extra-curricular” activities.Now I’m not saying that they all listen to such stuff but you know what happens when that damn subconscious gets a message!  It makes that simple little thought into a belief… then it gets swallowed up by the “Challenged Union of Networked Telecommunications” known as female gossip.  They swallow this stuff whole if it hasn’t already been drilled into them by other female traditionalists.Don’t expect logic guys!  Expect a new perspective that shows that women are wired differently and will take any advice if it sounds right.  At least you can learn some of their mannerisms from these “rules” and maybe build better patterns to defeat these “women’s” issues.Now this is not necessarily seduction but it could be used in the aid of better seduction and hence my categorising it as Seduction: Other.  Enjoy for as much as you can bear.  


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