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Edgar Cayce – Self Hypnosis

Edgar Cayce – Self-Hypnosis
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Everyone has something in their character or personality that they’d like to improve. Self-Hypnosis offers you a powerful resource for transformation that will help you remodel your life and turn it onto what you want it to be!Based on the readings of Edgar Cayce – the best known and best-documented psychic in American history – this program teaches you a completely natural method of self-hynosis designed to enlist the powers of your subconscious mind to help you become your personal best.Control or eliminate unwanted habits.Create a positive new identity for yourself.Develop your latent talents and abilities.In three easy steps, you’ll learn how to create your own personal self-hynosis session and make your own self-help tapes geared to your specific needs.Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945)Known as “The Sleeping Prophet” and “America’s Greatest Mystic”, is one of America’s famous psychics, but he wanted people to think of him as a healer and not a psychic. Cayce worked in a trance. This means he could talk while sleeping and answered questions about a person’s health, past and future. This information is called “readings”. At first these readings were about the physical health of the person (“physical readings”); then there were readings on “past lives”, “business advice”, “dream interpretation”, and also “mental or spiritual health”. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) currently takes care of all of his readings and follow-ups to the readings. The readings has influenced New Age thinking. To correctly pronounce the name “Cayce”, youshould say “Casey” – but many people say Case which is wrong.


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