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Dr. Robert Glover – No More Mr. Nice Guy

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A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want In Love, Sex and LifeRobert A. Glover, Ph.D.      The information and tools presented in No More Mr. Nice Guy! work. If you are a frustrated Nice Guy, the principles presented in the following pages will change your life. You will:-     Learn effective ways to get your needs met. –     Begin to feel more powerful and confident. –     Create the kind of intimate relationships you really want. –     Learn to express your feelings and emotions. –     Have a fulfilling and exciting sex life. –     Embrace your masculinity and build meaningful relationships with men. –     Live up to your potential and become truly creative and productive. –     Accept yourself just as you are.      If the above traits sound good to you, your journey of breaking free from the Nice Guy Syndrome has just begun. It is time to stop seeking approval and start getting what you want in love and


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