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Doc Love – The System (mp3 audio – 4 files)

Doc Love – The System (mp3 audio)



Website description:    * How to get women to chase you.    * Recognizing ‘Buying Signals’ – the subtle ways she lets you know that she’s interested in you.    * The importance of asking for her home phone number correctly and what her answer really means.    * Screening out takers and users – before you spend time and money.    * How to use your telephone and her answering machine to your advantage. Which date nights to avoid and why.    * The all-important First Date – crucial do’s and don’ts for total success.    * Deciphering Womanese – her secret language.    * Red Flags – knowing when it’s time to back away.    * Secrets to appearing super confident without bragging.    * What she really wants versus what she says she wants.    * How to handle a perfect 10 and walk away a winner.    * How to discover her true motives and secret agenda.    * A quick and easy test to instantly determine if she really likes you.    * What to do and look for during the first 60 days – her probation period.    * The one male trait that will make her do anything for you.    * Women to avoid and why.    * The three qualities she must possess if you want to keep her forever. …plus, tons more.Attention. Maybe it’s an old preview version.There are spoken and interview parts as well as seminar excerpts. Audio quality is sometimes ok, but sometimes quite poor bequause of echo-/flanger-like sound. Check it out if you like it.


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