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Doc Love – MASTERY I

Doc Love – Mastery Series
[2 CDs – MP3]



http://www.doclove.comTwo CD’s where you will hear me being grilled by my number one student of almost 2 decades, the tenacious Mr. “B” who has used THE SYSTEM successfully on dozens of women and is constantly pushing the envelope.Mr. “B” likes to play the devil’s advocate. I mean this guy does not let up. In the course of this two-hour interview, he presses me to answer every conceivable question that serious students of “THE SYSTEM” might possibly want the answers to.For instance:    * What are the vital ways we need to be a Challenge with women that even some advanced students overlook?    * What do you do when she springs “the reverse option play” on you?    * On a practical day to day level, how do I stick with it and really, truly remain a Challenge, even when I’m totally nuts about her?    * What’s the absolute coolest way to handle her when she’s giving you the third degree?    * Is there a way to test women, even before they begin to test you?    * What are the hidden reasons women respond so powerfully to a man who is a Challenge?    * What should I do if my date just isn’t touching me at all?    * What must a serious student of “The System” do to ultimately become    * what you call “a three percenter?”


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