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Deepak Chopra – Synchro Destiny

Synchro Destiny
[6 CDs – MP3]



In Synchro-Destiny: Discover the power of meaningful coincidence to manifest abundance in your life, Dr. Chropa revels and explains the incredible energy and intelligence that lies behind every coincidence. Synchro-Destiny is more then just about observing meaningful coincidences, it’s actually about gaining the power to create and nuture sychronistic events in every area of your life. With Synchro-Destiny, discover how to:Recognize and use the power of synchronocity. Organize the power of intention to make your dreams come true. Learn the true nature of cause and effect, and put it to practical use. Conquer emotional turbulance by taking responsilibity for your feelings. Tap into the Conscious Energy Field orchestrating the whole universe. With Synchro-Destiny, you’ll attract material wealth, emotional well being, spiritual fulfilment, and a deep awarness of your true purpose.Link:


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