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David Shade – Masterful Lover

David Shade – Masterful Lover Audio Series (3CD Set)
[3 CDs – MP3]



Why do women love badboys?Because they can talk dirty in the bedroom!Are you uncomfortable talking dirty to women in the bedroom?Do you worry that women will take it wrong?Are you uncomfortable being fully in control in the bedroom?Many men are uncomfortable, and they are missing out on giving their woman the experience she is secretly LONGING for.You don’t need to be an inconsiderate self absorbed jerk to be exciting in bed!But you absolutely must do certain things…Learn why it is important to talk dirty to your women, and when the right time to do it is.Understand the difference between a promiscious woman and a sensual womanDiscover why women require you to be more than just physical during sex. Be clear on the difference between talking dirty and being vulgar.Learn why the truly sensual woman requires mental stimulation, and how you talking dirty is a key part of that for her.Hear examples of dirty talk that you can instantly use to turn your woman on.Get firsthand knowledge from a highly sensual woman (Suzanne) to help you understand that women LOVE to hear dirty talk. Many men have repeatedly asked questions about issues having to do with the first time or first few times they sleep with a woman. This CD will address many of the aspects important that are crucial to getting the sexual part of your relationship headed in the right direction.This CD will tell you how to:Set the sexual frame early in the relationship When to start using sexy dirty talk in a new relationship Why earning her trust and respect is necessary for really good sex How you can lead her to open up to you as a lover. How to bring out the ruthlessly sexual natural woman in her. And much more… These initial steps are crucial to get her to surrender to you and allow herself to experience the pleasure she is capable of, and for you to have the kind of wild adventures in the bedroom (or any other room) that you desire.Masterful Lover Audio SeriesVolume I Issue 2″How To Set The Foundation For A Wild Sexual Relationship”How do you go about getting your woman interested in having threesomes with you? How do you get her excited about the idea of watching you with another woman? This is the type of thing that you can do, often, even if you’ve never done it before. Suzanne and I have been picking up bisexual women for threesomes for over 5 years, and we will tell you the secrets to making it happen for you. This CD will tell you how to:Know what needs to be true for your woman Understand the reality of bisexual women The different types of bisexual women The methods to get your woman interested in having threesomes How to have conversation about threesomes How to neutralize jealousy your woman may have And much more… This is the reality of the situation. These are the things that work. These are the things that must happen in order that you can get your woman excited about threesomes.Masterful Lover Audio SeriesVolume I Issue 3″The Secrets To Getting Your Woman Excited About Threesomes”


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