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David R. Hawkins – Spirituality; Reason and Faith (2008 Series)

David R. Hawkins – Spirituality; Reason and Faith (2008 Series) [7 DVD – 26 AVI, 5 Pdf,9 Tif]
[7 DVD – 26 AVI, 5 Pdf,9 Tif]


Dr. David R. Hawkins – Spirituality: Reason and Faith (2008 Series) – Complete- All 7 around 3-4 Hour Lectures in 3 or 4 parts (Total = 16,4 GB)- 5 Pdf’s (File-list, About the Author, Calibrated Scale, Calibrated Attributes, Power vs. Force)- 9 Tif (Photo’s of Dr. David R. Hawkins)These all-day seminars were held and recorded at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona. In this series, Dr. Hawkins clarifies the structure of the ego and teaches how to transcend it to reach a state of Self-realization. He demonstrates how to calibrate the truth of the information presented throughout each lecture.For detailed description of each lecture goto: XviDSize: 712x480Duration: Each around 1 Hour 15 Minutesframe Rate: 29Data Rate: 161 kbpsSample Size 24 BitAudio:Format: AC-3 ACMBit Rate: 192 kbpsAbout the Author: Dr. David R. HawkinsBiography SummarySir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. is a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer. He co-authored the ground-breaking work, Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, that helped revolutionize psychiatry. The uniqueness of Dr. Hawkins’ work is that an individual of advanced spiritual consciousness also possesses the intellect and clarity to express and communicate the characteristics of these highly–evolved states of awareness that few have experienced. He established the Pathway of Devotional Nonduality – a direct course to Enlightenment via clarification of core essentials that merely await activation by decision, intention, and dedication of the will. His book, “Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality,” is basically an instruction manual for the serious spiritual devotee, revealing information that is known only by those who have transcended the ego to reach Divine Realization.His national television and radio appearances include The MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour, The Barbara Walters Show, The Today Show, adn Oprah Radio. Winner of the Huxley Award, knighted by the Sovereign Order of the Hospitaliers of St. John of Jerusalem, nominated for the Templeton Prize and honored in the East with the title “Tae Ryoung Sun Kak Tosa” (Foremost Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment), Dr. Hawkins’ honors are vast. His background is detailed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World, and his work has been acclaimed by many world leaders and Nobelists, including Mother Teresa. His life is devoted to the upliftment of mankind.Dr. Hawkins has lectured at the University of Argentina; Notre Dame, Stanford, and Harvard Universities; Westminster Abbey; and the Oxford Forum. In addition, he has been an advisor to Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist monasteries. He has conferred with foreign governments on international diplomacy and has been instrumental in resolving long-standing conflicts that were major threats to world peace. He is the author of the best-selling trilogy, Power vs. Force (published in 17 languages); The Eye of the I; and I: Reality and Subjectivity; and five additional books, including Truth vs. Falsehood; Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment; Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality; and Spirituality and Modern Man; and his latest book, Healing and Recovery, released in 2009. His books are published in numerous languages and sold worldwide.Recent AccomplishmentsRecent accomplishments include: Speaking Engagements at Agape Revelations Conference in Los Angeles headed by Reverend Michael Beckwith; the Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2008 as a featured author and presenter; all-day presentations at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, California to an audience of 800, and in Prescott, Arizona to audiences of 500. He conducts regular local seminars and Satsangs to sold-out audiences in Sedona and Prescott, Arizona, as well as California, and participated in numerous domestic and international film documentaries exploring multifaceted spiritual topics and his current consciousness research findings. These seminars reveal data about our technological society and how to live a spiritual life within its complexities; titles include: “God vs. Science: Limits of the Mind,” “Relativism vs. Reality,” “What is Real?”, “The Human Dilemma,” “Spiritual Survival: Realization of Reality” and “Spirituality: Reason and Faith,” to name a few. Seminar attendees include people from numerous countries who travel to the U.S. solely to experience the unique combination of the realization of scientific and spiritual knowingness exemplified by Dr. Hawkins; a contingent of South Koreans, headed by Reverend J. H. Moon of the International Meditation Association, traveled to Sedona in December of 2007 and 2008 exclusively for a seminar with Dr. Hawkins. He recorded a segment entitled “In The World But Not Of It” for a Nightingale-Conant CD set, focusing on integrating spiritual practice in our modern-day world. He participated in numerous radio interviews, including Oprah Radio and Noetic Sciences. In 2008 Dr. Hawkins completed his book “Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man,” based on the revelations of consciousness research, describing how to discern truth from falsehood and the illusion of appearance from the core of inner reality.His latest book, published in 2009, is entitled “Healing and Recovery,” and is based on a group of lectures conducted by the author at the request of spiritual and self-help groups. The book reveals why the body may not respond to traditional medical approaches, and provides specific instructions and guidelines that can result in complete healing from any disease. Our society lives with constant stress, anxiety, fear, pain, suffering, depression, and worry. Alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, sexual problems and cancer are constantly in the news. This timely book provides information about how to address life’s challenges without necessarily resorting to drugs, surgery or counseling, and explains the importance of including spiritual practices in one’s healing and recovery.Dr. Hawkins receives so many requests for projects, radio and film interviews, and speaking engagements, both domestic and international, that he must turn down the vast majority; countries include Canada, Mexico, India, South Korea, Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, and Dubai, as well as from coast to coast in the U.S. Dr. Hawkins is bombarded with daily inquiries from around the world from people who seek answers, and know that the inspiration as well as proven techniques and spiritual practices Dr. Hawkins can provide will set them on the road to relief.Spiritual BiographyDr. Hawkins is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, author, and speaker on the subject of advanced spiritual states, consciousness research, and the Realization of the Presence of God as Self.His published works, as well as recorded lectures, have been widely recognized as unique in that a very advanced state of spiritual awareness occurred in an individual with a scientific and clinical background, who was later able to verbalize and explain the unusual phenomena in a manner that is clear and comprehensible. This has provided spiritual seekers around the world with a level of spiritual comprehension never before experienced.The transition from the normal ego state of mind to its elimination by the Presence is described in the trilogy Power versus Force (1995), which won praise even from Mother Teresa; The Eye of the I (2001); and I: Reality and Subjectivity (2003), which have been translated and are available worldwide in foreign editions. The description of this transition is based on the actual experience of the author, and is not an intellectual interpretation of someone else’s writings. Reviews (such as those on the Internet at have awarded the works with five stars.The trilogy was preceded by research on the Nature of Consciousness and published as the doctoral dissertation, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Consciousness (1995), which correlated the seemingly disparate domains of science and spirituality. This was accomplished by the major discovery of a technique that, for the first time in human history, demonstrated a means to discern truth from falsehood.The importance of the initial work was given recognition by its very favorable and extensive review in Brain/Mind Bulletin and at later presentations such as the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. Many presentations were given to a variety of organizations, spiritual conferences, church groups, nuns, and monks, both nationally and in foreign countries, including the Oxford Forum. In the Far East, Dr. Hawkins is a recognized “Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment.” (Tae Ryoung Sun Kak Dosa”)In response to his observation that much spiritual truth has been misunderstood over the ages due to lack of explanation, Dr. Hawkins presented monthly seminars and provided detailed explanations that are too lengthy to describe in book format. Recordings are available, along with questions and answers that provide additional clarification.The overall design of this lifetime work is to recontextualize the human experience in terms of the evolution of consciousness and to integrate a comprehension of both mind and spirit as expressions of the innate Divinity that is the substrate and ongoing source of life and Existence. This dedication is signified by the statement “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!” with which his published works begin and end. The authenticity of his state of advanced spiritual awareness is further corroborated by the unique experiences and shifts of consciousness noted by attendees when being in Dr. Hawkins’ presence. His love of mankind shines forth, allowing those in his presence to experience their own inner joy and further on:


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