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David Hamilton’s Social Expression – Dissolve Social Anxiety

Social Expression – Dissolve Social Anxiety
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Social Expression – Dissolve Social AnxietyIf you want to:Stop letting your shyness run the showDiscover how to reinvent your social life, one where you can be socially free and confident to do what you want to do, and be who you really areStop avoiding people or public places, and get control of your life againDiscover how to be social in a way that’s authentic for you, everywhere you goHere are the benefits you’ll receive when you sign up for the Dissolve Social Anxiety Program:Get to the ROOT of your shyness and anxiety so you can get beyond fear and self-doubt.Find out why it’s NOT YOU that’s the cause of your social awkwardnessGet SOCIAL CONFIDENCE in the way that works best for you, not someone else (this is not a cookie cutter approach I’m teaching here.)BREAKDOWN BAD BELIEFS that fuel shyness and social anxiety, to start making changes immediately.Discover how emotions are controlling you, and learn how to stop emotions from controlling you in social situations.Create a new belief system and life story that will become an unshakable foundation so social anxiety never controls you, ever again.Develop new SOCIAL SKILLS that you have never used before, to draw people into conversations with you with ease and effortlessness.Learn and MAXIMIZE YOUR SOCIAL SAVVY to a razor’s edge level – to have great social interactions with anyone.Live life full out where YOU ARE IN CHARGE, not your shyness and social anxiety.Become the truly ATTRACTIVE AND CHARISMATIC PERSON you have always wanted to be.MODULE LAYOUTModule 1: Foundations – Creating New Beliefs & NarrativesExtreme shyness and social anxiety comes from having a certain set of beliefs that generate it in an ongoing fashion.  Everything is explained why this is, why it’s hard to change, and what we’ll be focusing on in the course in order to shift to a belief system that supports you in being authentically confident and social.Module 2: Core Values and Your Value-Based Life StoryIf you want to get to a new destination, you have to set a strong course that’s unwavering. This powerful values module is dedicated to working heavily with the power of values and your story – and the powerful practices you’ll be using through the program and how to implement them in your social life moving forward. Think of values and your value-based life story as the fuel source for defeating shyness once and for all.Module 3: Mindfulness Part I for Overcoming Extreme ShynessIf you’re not aware of something, than you can’t change it in any meaningful, deep way.  Mindfulness is a practice that cultivates greater awareness at deep levels, so that you can continue to change and grow in the direction you want to dissolve your social anxiety and shyness for good.  If we try to give you social skills without removing the barriers of shyness, no real progress will be made. Thorough explanations and exercises to guide you through many experiences of mindfulness to grow your awareness, the most powerful fundamental tools one can have to change themselves.Module 4: Mindfulness Part II for Overcoming Social AnxietyContinued from the previous module, this module  in-depth exercises of mindfulness, including how to handle difficulties in your practice.Module 5: Committed Action for your Best Social LifeWhere the rubber really begins to meet the road.  This module focuses heavily on the action to move your life forward, despite social anxiety and shyness. We must learn how to take action in the face of fear. It is a precursor module to doing exposure, and you actually can begin to do some exposure here (encouraged, though not required in any major way).  Without action we can’t move forward, and certainly we can’t change to have the amazing social life we all want.BONUS SECTION: Cognitive Distortions for Social Anxiety & Shyness ExplainedModule 6: The Art of Self-AcceptanceNow that you’re steeped in the practice of mindfulness, it’s time to really look at how to integrate its true power into self-acceptance – one of the most powerful self-improvement practices there is. It is the root of real, authentic self-confidence in any situations, especially in social contexts. You will be introduced to self-acceptance affirmations and statements related specifically to building social confidence and demolishing social anxiety on the deepest of levels.  This module also covers compassion and how in conjunction with mindfulness becomes an unstoppable force of self-acceptance, which is where true self-confidence comes from.Module 7: Optimal BreathingThe power of breathing is hard to outmatch when it comes not only to learning to live from a state of deep relaxation, but also to sooth anxiety as it arises.  To really conquer extreme and painful shyness, we have to integrate the mind and the body. This module will prepare you for diving into the ins and outs of direct exposure work in the next module.  This is an almost two-hour lesson (could be sold separately as a course on it’s own) to give you a greater sensibility of the important of mind-body integration through breathing to bring ultimate social confidence to your life.Module 8: Direct Exposure WorkThough planning exposure work is not difficult, it’s important to get it right in order to ensure best success when doing it. We cover what it means to do exposure, designing something called a behavioral hierarchy and creating your custom exposure plan, which you’ll be working on through the remainder of the program and beyond if necessary.  You’ll get all the tools you need right here to beat down shyness and social anxiety, forever.BONUS SECTION: Soothing Anxiety during Exposure (Including affirmation, statements and setting your “cue”)Module 9: Social Skills & ConfidenceThis module also could be an entire program in itself, but believe it or not social skills are some of the easiest things to learn once fear is out of the way. But you’ll probably learn some things here about being social and confidence you didn’t know before, and you’ll start to apply those in your daily life.Module 10: Handling SetbacksBy now you’ll be at a point where you have had some setbacks on the road overcoming your shyness.  Module 10 is all about handling them in the best way possible moving forward. How to keep picking yourself back up, again and again so you can have the best social life and confidence for yourself.BONUS SECTION: Learned Optimism for Resilience in Handling Shyness and Social AnxietyModule 11: Aliveness & Vitality for True ConfidenceThis lesson is all about living life to the fullest, and how to keep stepping in the social game, even when you get off track. The approach here is not just about getting over shyness, and throughout the program it’s been mentioned that you must focus on your life. This lesson is dedicated to focusing on your life 100%, and “getting all the way in.”BONUS: Diet & Substance Considerations for Anxiety ReductionModule 12: Continuing on Your New PathWe finish the course by tying everything together and to continue you on your new path in life.  Whether you have dissolved your social anxiety to the point that you are living the life you want, or if you still have some work to do, all the reminders are here for how you should continue so you can make more progress if need be.


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