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David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game

David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game [7 DVDs – Rips]
[7 DVDs – Rips]



This is the entire DVD series of Deep Inner Game from David DeAngelo + seminar slides.——-Official Description:A guy’s inner game is the single most important factor in his success with women… and also the most difficult to fix. In this program, my co-trainer Dr. Paul and I set out to change that. Dr. Paul is a world-renowned psychiatrist who specializes in helping men get over their inner game problems… and together we’ll show you how to upgrade your brain with the latest in “dating” and “confidence” software. Fear, anxiety, depression, nervousness, loneliness, anger, and frustration will quickly become a thing of the past— you’ll learn how to ban all of them from your system QUICKLY and PERMANENTLY using Dr. Paul’s patented system. Dr. Paul has a unique knack for tackling deep psychological problems in a way that is effective, humorous and easy-to-understand… and if you’re like the rest of the guys who have gone through this program, you’ll be AMAZED at just how powerful his system is. There is a very good chance that this program contains EXACTLY what you need to take your life to the next level… and if you’ve tried EVERYTHING and can’t get a grip on what your problem is and how to solve it… then this program is especially for YOU.——-For more info:


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