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David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game iPod

David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game iPod
[7 M4V iPod video files]



The deep inner game series, re-encoded in apple iPod format so you can play it on the go!If you already have the .avi files, and would like to convert them yourself to .m4v format so they will play in your iPod, instructions can be found here: are the step-by-step instructions I followed to do it.After you convert the file, it won’t have any extra information attached to it (such as Artist, Genre, Track #, Album, etc.).  You can use iTunes to add that information in.  Since the files are MUCH larger than a typical mp3, once you change each track info, it takes a few minutes for it to be added.  So don’t freak out if it looks like your computer locked up – its just processing the info.Direct link to 3GP Converter: pretty straight forward if you follow the guide linked above.Enjoy!


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