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David Barron – Power Persuasion: Using Hypnotic Influence to Win In Life, Love And Business

Power Persuasion
[2 CDs – WMA]



Review:David Barron is simply amazing. He’s culled an amazing amount of persusaive data from the best of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and condensed it into this jam packed book! And what’s more you don’t have to have any knowledge of NLP to be able to use it! If you’ve wanted to delve into the “secrets” of NLP’s Rapport and Persuasive speaking but were put off by the sheer complexity of the NLP jargon – or the ridiculous amounts of money the NLP Gurus charge to learn this, then this book will seem like a God send to you! From page one, you’re taught how to use rapport & once you master that, David takes you on thru meta patterns of language on thru the covert Military patterns onto the infamous “Sleight-of-Mouth” patterns. Whether you’re in sales, persusasive speaking or just want to get a leg up on your competition, this book will definitely help IF you take the time to read it and then APPLY it to your own situation. I found if I took the material David presents and overlay it onto the script I normally use, I found places where I could beef up what I was saying using these patterns. Many of the NLP gurus out there want to bankrupt you to learn their methods and then say that your results will justify the expense. David’s material in this book is heavyweight & packs just as much punch as the other “gurus” running around charging thousands of dollars for. And if you’re in sales, like I am, I highly recommend using the Military Linguistic Patterns with the standard objects you get. For changing your client’s beliefs, use the Sleight-of-Mouth patterns. There is just so MUCH here to learn! I highly recommended you getting this book!Link:…Enjoy.


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