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David Barron – NLP Persuasion Teleseminars

David Barron – Persuasion Teleseminars



David Barron – NLP Persuasion Teleseminar SeriesThese are recordings of David Barron’s weekly NLP teleseminars,covering a variety of topics.Most of these are available for download at .  Some are nolonger listed.  The newer ones tend to be free, the older ones nowtend to cost $6 or more each. The ones that are free today may notstay free much longer.  A few are now being sold as distinct productsfor considerably more.I first got this from another site in January and have updated it withthe new files created since then and done other clean-up.  Whereknown, I have added the date in the form YYYY-MMDD.  When available,it’s the upload date listed on the website which makes it easier tocross-reference the mp3 files to the descriptions.  (This is usually acouple of days after the program date, which may also be in the filename.)  Otherwise, it is the program date. I’ve also tuned-up the MP3tags a bit.


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