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Dave Elman – Hypno-Analysis

The Teachings Of Dave Elman
[6 CDs – MP3]



Even though it’s named as CDs, I’m pretty sure this is his 6 casette collection, and not the 2CD one.Contents:CD1- Introduction By Dave Elman- “Don’t Be Afraid To Fail”- “Just Practice’- A Hypnoanalysis Of Rosefever- Autosuggestion- Producing AnaesthesiaCD2- 3 Cases Of Stuttering (3rd Case With Abreaction)- A Case Of Obesity (With A Hypnotic Diet After Analysis)- A Case Of Hysterical BlindnessCD3- Ideomotor Response Using Blushing- Davids Fear Of Anaesthesia (Using The Tumb As Ideomotor Response)- An Emotional Trauma (Conjenical Syphilys, Hayfever)- An Interesting Failure- Vomitting- Asthma- Pain- A Nervous Tic (With Abreaction)- Ideomotor Response (Using A Finger)CD4- The Kidnapping- Headaches- The Unusual Case Of The Artist- Allergies- A Nervous Tic (With Abreaction)- Nail Bitting And HeadachesCD5- Fear, Scepticism And Resistance- Anaethesia For Dental Work- A Pre-Operative Talk (With An Induction)- Removal Of Pain (With An Induction)- The Six Signs Of Hypnosis (The Handshake)- Inductions For Children (The Preteen Game)- Henry Munroes Anaethesia Technique- Deepners- Testing For Anaethesia- Catalyst Methods For Achieving Eyeclosure- A Deepner Using The Days Of The Week Backwards- Working With Resistance- Treating Allergic ReactionsCD6- Suggestions For Pain Relief In Case Of Cancer- Waking Suggestion- Waking Hypnosis (Anaethesia, The Egg, The Nurses Uniform)- Anaethesia- Gagging (Dental Work)- Anaethesia For Injections (The Magic Spot)- True Somnabulism- Artificial Somnabulism- Hand Lift To Aid Number Removal To Achieve Somnabulism- Post Hypnotic Suggestion


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