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Here is book I bought and sharing with you.Imagine having a collection of NLP Tools to hand that are specially crafted for resolving, and indeed improving, any area of your life. Each tool is explained in a straight-forward, no nonsense, STEP-BY-STEP style in one easy access eBook. Many of the mind-blowing techniques you will discover as you read on are unique, unavailable anywhere else on the entire planet!Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this eBook will teach youGain Personal Power in any area of your life with the best NLP power tools (Starting on page 32.) Increase your Self-Worth, becoming more confident & attractive with the self-worth enhancing tools (Starting on page 40.)  Set-up, in less than 3 minutes, an automatic, ‘Hey, you are AMAZING!’, reminder that works throughout the day with the Magical ‘YOU’ Card Trick (Page 34.)  Eliminate those negative voices in your head forever with The Negative Voice Mute Switch (Page 72.)  Get motivated to do any task (make more money?) with The Magic Iris Pattern (Page 30.)  Finally get rid of lifetime phobias in less than 5 minutes with the Fast Phobia Cure (Page 46.)  Make life more fun by discovering The Automatic Giggle Installer (Page 63.)Get rid of Headaches in less than 10 minutes with a technique in the ‘Health & Healing’ section (Page 73.)  Discover how to Eliminate Allergic Responses in less than 10 minutes (Page 77.)  Eradicate life-long limiting beliefs with The Belief Dissolver in the chapter, “It’s All About Beliefs” (Page 83.)  Gain powerful new insights for problem solving, creativity enhancement & general wisdom with tools in the “New Perspectives” chapter (Starting on page 54.)  Install a ‘Humourising Slider’ on your arm so you can ‘program’ loads more fun into your life (Page 64.)  Stop those flaming nagging voices in your head with the infamous “R.B. Mantra!” (Page 69.)  Nail biter? Chocoholic? Smoke like a chimney? Caffeine addict? Destroy unwanted compulsions with The Compulsion Blowout (Page 74.)homepage:


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