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Click2Dance – Hip Hop & Breakdancing

Click2Dance – 2 DVD Pack
[2 DVDs – Rip]


Excerpt take from has worked with many huge names such as Michael Jackson and can been seen in numerous commercials and projects for Reebok, Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Levi’s, Paris By Night, and Sony just to name a few. His classes in Los Angeles and abroad are filled with dancers eager to learn his intricate and innovative hip-hop style.Scotty has used his discipline and teachings in both dance and martial arts, and harnessed them into creating, designing and structuring a highly progressive dance program. Every teacher on staff is hand selected by Scotty providing you a consistent level of quality throughout the entire site. As Scotty oversees the dance department, you can be sure that you will not find anything but the best here at with his expertise in website development, Gary Glass produces and masters every tune within each video. With a degree in Music and a Pro Tools certification, Gary has has been given recognition and credit as a song producer in “The Complete Pro Tools Handbook” available worldwide. Gary strives to bring functionality and original music to welcomes you to the future of online dance instruction, and hope together we can spread the knowledge, passion, and extend the growth of the art of dance.===================================================Enjoy guys and girls! There will be more dance videos to come! d= )DanceFiend


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