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Ch̦gyam Trungpa Rinpoche Shambhala РSacred Path of the Warrior

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche — Shambhala – Sacred Path of the Warrior (Buddhism, Meditation, English, MP3)
[2 CDs – mp3]


Presents the code of the warrior as a way for modern men and women to meet the challenges of life with fearlessness and dignity.Shambhala: The Sacred path of the Warrior is a book I read on whimsy. I read this book originally because of the relationship Trungpa had with Allen Ginsberg. I was curious so I picked up a copy of this book. It was enlightening because this is the real deal unlike a lot of the half baked Zen Buddhism invoked by many beatnik types. One need not drop acid to gain wisdom here. If you want the hokey, trippie hippie Buddhism, forget this book. Trungpa is writing of an ancient code of warriorship. It is an inward, spiritual journey drawn from the Tibetan warrior culture. One who reads this and learns the lessons it teaches will be assisted in overcoming self doubt and negativity. This is not a book of violence. It is really a guide towards overcoming violence. It is about learning mastery over oneself. I was inspired to be better after reading this book. It made me believe in the possibility of transcendence. That is saying something, too. It is a very motivational book.


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