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Carlos Xuma – Advanced Audio Coaching – Session 32 (May 2006)

Carlos Xuma – Advanced Audio Coaching – Session 32 (May 2006)
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Carlos Xuma’s Advanced Audio CoachingSession 32 (May 2006)APPROACH STRATEGY – Conversational style, how to “Bookend” yourapproach to remove approach anxiety, Why most approaches fail, howThe Gap prevents you from using memorized material, the use ofPassion in conversation, The List of 20 Exercise, Storytellingexample, How to related to her through feeling and sensation, Howto change the subject, bridging, and more …BUYING TEMPERATURE – How to leverage her interest level in you, theTwo Levels of Attraction she will feel, The Slut Complex, Whatcreates her view of sex, Raising her interest level, Buyer’sregret, Tools to raise her interest level, such as magic, humor,Why you can’t use jokes, playful kino, dancing, Why you must raiseher energy level, and more …ESCALATION MINDSET – How escalation fits in the initial attractionmodel, Why you are ruining your approaches by playing it safe, Howa woman shows her interest, How to cure your uncertainty, Reframingrejection, using pain in motivation, How to escalate without fearof failure, and more …ATTRACTION TYPE – The Librarian – Focusing on the quiet,introverted woman – and how to appeal to her desires, Understandher qualities, Recognizing the Librarian type, Why she appeals tomen, What subjects to discuss, how to arouse her attraction, whatsubjects you must build with her, her personality type, where tofind her, What you may not see on the surface, and more …ALPHA LIFEstyle: K.I.S.S. – Learn how to simplify your life, howcomplexity works against you and your positive attitude, why youmust be original in your style, simplicity strategies such asreducing clutter, scheduling, stacking events, un-cluttering yourmind, the Universal In-box, Elimination list, financialself-control, gain more time, how to reduce stress and anxiety, theone word that will give you back more free time, and more …ALPHA EXERCISE: The Scroll – Creating your customized statement oflife purpose, how to create affirmations that WORK, how toreinforce it effectively so that it sticks, example, and more …CONVERSATIONAL GAMBITS: Storytelling – How to avoid the try-hardvibe, what storytelling communicates and how it works, Questionsyou can use to evoke emotional involvement, How to get her to tellyou her stories, Qualifiers, what you must never let a woman do ifyou want your approach to work, How a woman avoids inolvement inthe conversation and how to recognize it, examples of evocativelanguage to use when you talk with women, and more …MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIPS/FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS – If you’re looking todate more than one woman you must know these strategies, the twodifferent ‘sorts’ a woman performs based on your approach, theenergy you must communicate with, why she will think you’re aplayer, How to keep it real, What you absolutely MUST give women tokeep mulitple relationships, The Joker Gift, and more …


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