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Carlos Xuma – Advanced Audio Coaching Session 15

Carlos Xuma – Advanced Audio Coaching Session 15



Advanced Audio CoachingSession 15Table of Contents1. 12:37SOPHISTICATION – Higher level tastesChivalryCompetitiveCommunicate understandingDemonstration of sophisticationDefinitionStatus indicatorWineArtMusic – typesClassicalEthnic/WorldUse iTunesBooks/LiteratureMovies – “Film”Avoid politics and dogmaTaste-drivenFoodBalance the talkWork into rapportTelevision – BBCCoupling2. 6:41How to TAKE ACTIONExample – WaitressAsking her out”I want your phone number.”No one is flawlessFelt better for the rejectionWin/Lose – Must take actionCannot loseReframe the event to your advantage1 – Do what you must2 – Making her feel good about herselfInterest is enough3 – Compliments back4 – SuccessesWining path – ASKING3. 9:54Interact at EVERY opportunityWomen as friends – why it’s bad/goodHow female friends mess with your headBreak the cycle of female friendshipNo sympathy!RESEARCHSpread attention around for understandingThe wrong uses for a woman – Man Up!Immerse yourself in their cultureWHY, why whyMake it scientificComfort will followPATTERNSStack experiencesWatch for COMMONWhy fewer interactions work against youSocial interaction patternsHow “numbers” work4. 9:32INTERACT Pt IIDon’t give yourself an outNo excusesNo ability to make it okay for inactionDon’t give up to the ExcuserHelp you become a better loserLook for new answersMen hate inadequacyHow this fear cripples youTake the responsibility without beating yourself upConfrontational examplePrimary mistake in these situationsClinical and detachedObserve and interact detachedLook for common threads/patternsNo patterns in just one5. 14:25CONTENTIOUS WOMEN – another testEasy to manipulateWhen a woman leads and controlsThe man must maintain controlLose/Lose questions – watch out for this testAre you a player…?The way to answer – break her routine and call her on itThe counter – moral dilemma questionsDouble interpretationWould you hold back…?Qualifying – The reversalProve herselfSet it up to winEmotions and logicAsk questions until you find the flaws6. 16:05HOW TO IMPRESS A WOMANUnique “frame”Present your personalityEmotional terms – similarWe’re mostly the sameDoing a passionModel different behaviorsFlairCarpe DiemSense a “forceful” personalityEnthusiasmDead Poets SocietyHow to create this “frame”Find the Alpha behaviors to augmentPeacocking/Eye makeupFind a “presence”Philosophy of lifeFind the UNIQUEPresenting, not braggingExamplesRaise questions, turn it overRaise more than you answerMUST be positiveSelf-driven, inside-outExample of frame7. 3:43QUICK TIPSCenterfoldApproach eyesControlling your eyesKeeping them lockedWeirdest situationsSocially interactive8. 14:43OLD FRIEND APPROACHZone of familiarityTreating them as “different”Recall a past meetingRisking your self-imageRejection/acceptance situationsTransfer familiarityAlmost familiarAdopt that mindsetAssumed familiarityYou know the good and badYou’re transfusing courage and acceptanceComfortable dynamic leading to rapportTreat it like CreditDon’t become emotionally bankruptExamplesShe’ll feel like she’s “known you”The difference with hot women9. 16:20ATTRACTION and TRUSTHow much information do you reveal?Skip trust building by reversing the tablesProve yourself to meSatisfy your own curiosityInspire hersBeware secretivenessSelf-validationUse some of the “fortune telling” methods”Dark secret” lineYou qualify, interviewLipstick game Book of QuestionsCold readTrust relationships – who gets the benefits?Only benefits the trustedBust her chops on interview mode10. 17:00EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCEDetermination and persistenceCut off any other possibilityFailure is not an optionWillingness to do what it takesDraw on couragePassion and excitementFlexibilityPositivityAlways believe it can be doneYou don’t have enough informationGivingCharityFitness – including thinkingPositive dietBreathing/sleep/activity/waterCultivate vitalitySpirit – inspirationFaith in your abilitySelf-esteem and Self-confidenceWhat motivates you?Experience and ACTIONConstant positive expectationATTITUDEInternal learning


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