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BRUCE LEE – Training with Bruce Lee – Jeet Kune Do, Techniques, Fitness

training with Bruce Lee
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The official Jeet Kune Do method by Bruce Lee.If your a Venusian Artist, now discipline your body and mind as martial artists and the venusian art go parallel.  These ebooks show you the techniques Bruce Lee himself developed.  Bruce Lee is one of the most recognized and famous martial artists of modern time.  His technique is a collection of practical moves and defenses from street fighting and much more.  Learn to get your body and mind into a fitness of that like Lee’s.  Bruce lee had a 1″ punch that literally went 1 inch that could send a 250lb 6 foot or taller man back 6 feet…  this shit is powerful.Speed trainingStrength TrainingChinese Gung FuJeet Kune DoBruce Lee SecretsFighting MethodOriginal ManuscriptCOURTESY OF CHROMEHEARTS


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