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Breaking The Ice – Stephane from IdeaGasms

Product No. 2 – Breaking The Ice



Stephane from”Breaking The Ice”Are you ready to get this area of your life called “pickup” or “seduction” or “attraction” HANDLED, ONCE AND FOR ALL? Most men feel that GETTING TO KNOW a woman isn’t a big deal at all. And it’s not. “Getting to know them” is easy. But those SAME MEN tend to have trouble with the FIRST FIVE MINUTES. They have trouble “Breaking The Ice.” Breaking the ice can be terrifying! Do you find yourself hesitating to go out and meet women, simply because you don’t know what to say (and how to say it) to get the ball rolling? Breaking the ice is easy… WHEN YOU KNOW HOW! If you’d like to learn my SIMPLE strategy for meeting women, STEP-BY-STEP, and watch me demonstrate it on my lover Ghita over and over; if you want to learn what I call “Heart-Centered Pickup” then you’re going to love this downloadable video. In it, I demonstrate my pickup/seduction “formula”, which boils down to this: Courage + Consideration + Qualifying = Sex And Love This is my simple “system” or “routine” that virtually ANYBODY (men AND women) can use to meet people without ever feeling “rejected”. It is designed in such a way that YOU ARE THE CHOOSER! This technique is all I ever use. The good news is that it is SIMPLE. It is so simple! The best things in life always are… It is designed to attract beautiful heart-centered women, or what I call, “Cuddle-Bunnies.” It is NOT designed to attract “Validation-Seeking Barbie’s.” In fact, using this technique, you will effectively screen those types of women out! With my technique, you will get girls that are pretty AND nice. It’s important to not only approach women, but to QUALIFY them as well. My seduction strategy is designed to break the ice AND qualify women.


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