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Brad P – Seminar 6 – Healthy Relationships & Healthy Lifestyles

Seminar 6 – Healthy Relationships & Healthy Lifestyles
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“ Exclusive…if you upload it anywhere else you will get banned!” !!!Finally….The Time: March, 2005.The Place: New York CityThey were as old as 56, as young as 19. They were men from all walks of life. One was a computer programmer from India, another was a former Olympic athlete. There was an entrepreneur in the beverage industry, a stockbroker who looked like a male model, a fashion photographer, a humble office clerk, and many others.A diverse group for certain, but united in one dream, one hope. These men wanted to become successful in dating and relationships. They had paid for dinner one too many times. They had heard “let’s just be friends” over and over, and enough was enough. It was time to make a change. It was time to get back in touch with their natural male instincts, instincts which had been repressed again and again by our society’s distorted ideas about masculinity.No longer would they be content to be submissive to women, surrendering their power, repressing their natural desires, hoping and praying they’d “get lucky.” Deep down they all knew luck had nothing to do with it. There was something deeper going on here.While most guys flail around in the dark when it comes to women, there are a few guys who just “get it.” They know how to drive women crazy. They get everything they want out of women, and they get it on their own terms. Brad P. is one of those guys.Today, at the Underground Dating Seminar, he would unveil the secrets to attracting and dating beautiful women. Lessons he had learned from some of the greatest players around. Lessons he had learned from boiling down the most cutting edge evolutionary psychology modern science has to offer into a reliable, repeatable method. Lessons he had learned by going out 7 days a week approaching and seducing women all over the USA and Canada.”Sit back and relax,” Brad said. “I have some pizza and beer coming up in a few minutes. Welcome to the Underground Dating Seminar. Some of you are here because you want a great girlfriend, others want one night stands, some of you want to have 3 or 4 uncommitted girlfriends. Over the next 6 sessions, I’m going to give you the tools to accomplish all of your goals with women, whatever they may be.”Ripped @ 128Kbps VBR MP3Seminar 1Seminar 2Seminar 3Seminar 4Seminar 5


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