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Boris Gotz – Short Guy Game (HD 1280×720)

Boris Gotz – Short Guy Game (HD)
[14 MP4s + 1 DOCX + 1 PDF]



***** Exclusive *****Help us keep elib all the more special for its exclusivity.Out of respect for the original authors and publishers,please do not make this product available outside of our community. Thanks for keeping elib awesome!This exclusive material brought to you by the participants of the ShortGuyGame GBThis GB is CLOSEDBoris Gotz – Short Guy Game (HD 1280×720)URL: HereDescription:MODULE 1: FOUNDATION OF GAME ✓ Learn about the paradox of pickup and how that affects your game ✓ Learn the rules and tools to deal with challenges that women throw at you ✓ Learn how to face reality to get what you want out of life ✓ Discover what women respond to and how society views men ✓ The REAL answer to why looks matter and what you can doMODULE 2: THE 2 RULES OF GAME ✓ The secret Boris learned at 10-years old that got him good with women ✓ Learn the 2 rules of game–the only rules that matter to date hot women ✓ 3 key insights that will help you overcome approach anxiety in seconds ✓ Learn how to deal with rejections with Rule 1 ✓ Learn how to tackle challenges girls throw at you with Rule 2MODULE 3: BODY LANGUAGE & VOCAL CONTROL ✓ Learn how to avoid the 3 killer mistakes men make with their body language ✓ Learn powerful body postures and movement that women respond to ✓ 3 quick ways to get in the zone and project massive confidence ✓ Learn the 4 components of vocal control when talking to women ✓ Avoid THESE common mistakes when talking with womenMODULE 4: HOW TO TALK ENDLESSLY ✓ Learn how to never be at a loss for words ✓ 3 common mistakes men make when talking to girls they barely know ✓ Discover 3 important insights about the first 10 minutes of pickup ✓ Discover the importance of vibe and how to achieve it ✓ 5 easy ways to keep a conversation fun and memorable to reduce flakingMODULE 5: HOW TO DEAL WITH CHALLENGES ✓ Avoid THESE mistakes when dealing with challenges in cold approach pickup ✓ How to maneuver around resistance that women naturally give you ✓ Learn 3 ways to effectively deal with any challenges women throw at you ✓ Discover what the REAL challenge of pickup is and how to overcome it easily ✓ Take your game to the next level by learning how to tackle the REAL challengeMODULE 6: LESSONS OF GAME ✓ Learn what the 2 phases of success are with women ✓ Learn how to achieve success with these 2 phases ✓ Learn how to prioritize your focus and your actions to see exponential progress ✓ Learn the power of visualization and how to apply it to your game ✓ How to create the path to success through projectionBONUS 1: ONE-YEAR TRANSFORMATION ✓ Discover the epiphany Boris had that took his game to the next level ✓ Learn a key realization Boris had after his first day of filming ✓ Know what most guys are missing that keeps girls from walking away ✓ If a girl is not willing to do THIS with you, you have no chance. ✓ Learn 2 changes that exploded Boris’s success with womenBONUS 2: HOW TO GET GOOD, REALLY FAST ✓ Learn what the 2 things you need to do to improve VERY FAST ✓ Discover the 2 traits you need to focus on and improve upon ✓ Learn the most important distinction between Rule 1 and your results ✓ Don’t do THIS or you will make the girl nervous ✓ Learn the ONE question that will eliminate 80% of your verbal game mistakesBONUS 3: HOW TO GAME HOT GIRLS ✓ Learn how to handle your emotional states around hot women ✓ Discover the one secret you need to attract high quality women ✓ What 3 things hot girls want and how to use them to your advantage ✓ Don’t make THIS assumption about hot girls if you want consistent results ✓ Learn what to think when approaching hot girls who intimidate youBONUS 4: SECRETS OF BORING GAME ✓ Learn what real game looks like…and it’s NOT what you see on YouTube. ✓ Discover the difference between what you think game is and what game really is ✓ How to use minimal effort to get maximum results, even when you’re tired ✓ Discover the secrets of guys who consistently go out to approach women ✓ Learn the most sustainable method of approaching any girl in any state of mind


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