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Bishop – Fire of Seduction

Fire of Seduction
[23 CD – Rip]



htt p://ww is just a small piece of what awaits you!* “The Four Horsemen of Seduction.” At last, the foolproof 4-step formula that makes seduction work!* The seductive magic of “P.A.I.D.” Simply put, it’s a way of being yourself that virtually NO woman of quality will resist!* “The 7 Deadly Sins & Seduction.” How to avoid the common mistakes even “masters” of seduction make!* The ways to tell what kind of woman she is, BEFORE YOU EVEN SAY HELLO TO HER, so you know how to best seduce her!* The incredibly simple approach that has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE DONE IT!* The “behind her walls” secrets on the things she is trying to test you on, and you likely never even knew it! (Plus, how to use it right back on her!)* The techniques advertisers use to influence women, and how to turn that knowledge into seduction mega-success!* The “Pinch -n- Pet” method. One of the most POWERFUL tools in getting a woman to chase after YOU!* Oh, and I also reveal a little something I created called “Petals” which I swear on my life, and all that I hold sacred, has ALWAYS worked to get a woman “stimulated.”


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