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direct link to the images:***** few things:* this was requested* i don’t know if some of the posts here – – are also in this upload since i have not downloaded that Lounge snapshot* while the forum name says “Best-of,” this really is more like the “posts-with-the-most-number-of-views” forum (which is why some posts might be a little low on content). it’s a weird setup because the system automatically puts posts in this forum when – a. it gets two or more “loves”; and/or b. it reaches a certain number of views* all former/current (and future?) RSD members are now banned from the Lounge. for example, a couple posts by Loverboy on the “Best-of” forum now simply says “Author: Guest”* i tried logging in to the old Lounge (aka “Underscore”) to get more “Best-of” posts but was denied – says i don’t have permission anymore (actually, there are THREE different Mystery’s Lounge [there’s the public Lounge, the new private Lounge and the old Lounge] and TWO Lounge sub-forums [one for Lounge VIPs (basically, it’s the new OLD Mystery’s Lounge and another sub-forum for Pro-Ho residents where nobody posts anymore obviously] * i edited my username to “” so if and when this gets leaked to that other tracker, they know where to go to find the newest and best stuff (not that they don’t know already)* there is no Santa Claus* lastly, when i have the time next week, i’ll try to get the REAL Best-of posts on the Lounge- swi7ch


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