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Ben Harris – Hole in the head

Ben Harris – Hole in the Head.avi
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“The one all the buzz has been about! Ben Harris’ Hole In The Head has been one of the art’s most closely guarded secrets of recent times. It has fooled, amused and delighted some of magic’s biggest names. Using no mirrors or reflective devices and no stooges, Hole In The Head is a radical and visual new plot, drawing on the mysticism and wonder of the mythically proportioned “Third Eye” legend. It’s an exciting piece of street theatre that simply mustbe experienced live! What’s more, it’s 100% practical! This is a one person—do anywhere—illusion. In effect, the performer gathers a crowd around himself in a brightly lit, sunny spot. Discussing the amazing legend, he offers to open his own “Third Eye” allowing the sun to shine right through his head. As this would be too dangerous to observe directly, he suggests that everyone focus attention on his shadow. After some concerted effort, a small blob of light appears in the centre of his shadow head. Amazingly, this blob of light then grows larger at his command. To prove that it is no mere optical illusion and that the light does indeed pass through his head, a spectator is asked to wave her hand behind the performer’s cranium. Incredibly, when she does this, the actions are reciprocated in the shadow head— her fingers are clearly visible in the shadow hole! The conclusion is inescapable. The sun is indeed shining straight through a hole in the performer’s head! The process is now reversed and the hole slowly closed. You can perform this stunner virtually anywhere the sun shines. Complete with bonus handlings and clever ideas by Paul Harris and Michael Weber. You can even open a spectator’s own “Third Eye!” “For all the people running around telling people your’e god or the messiah this will make sure you look like one


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