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BBC: Walking With Cavemen (as recommended by Style)

Walking With Cavemen



style suggests watching this series as preparation for his style Life challenge.How did our ancestors come to invent language, to shape the world with tools, to create art, and to imagine the future? The award-winning team behind Walking with Dinosaurs and Walking with Prehistoric Beasts brings you this missing link in the story of life on our planet. Follow your family tree all the way back — to Australopithicus afarensis, the first of our primate ancestors to stand on two legs. See the first sparks of reason as early humans learn to adapt in an ever-changing world. Trace the evolution of such basic human traits as compassion, friendship and love. Watch as we bury our dead for the first time. Then make your way to ice-age Europe, with the Neanderthals who fight to hang on to their domination of the planet…but are forced to concede it to Homo Sapiens.


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